Northern Lights


Northern Lights is a heavy producer for indoor growers and it also finishes quickly, I mean, really quickly.

One of the most famous of the Indica strains because she is 100% Indica, yet gives you the high of a potent 100% Sativa. She’s cerebral and heady tripping, not a heavy body stone like all other 100% indica’s.

This strain is so famous worldwide. She is a multiply Cup Winner, and is still one of the trippiest strains you will find. In fact, most of the other Cup Winners all have Northern light in their genetics, and usually a lot more of her DNS than you would think.

If you want to start you own breeding program and create a new potent strain, you won’t “grow wrong” using either a Northern Light Male or Northern Lights female as one of the parents. I would suggest breeding a Northern lights male and crossing her with a Green Crack Female, look for the outlier from the offspring with some unique characteristics, and try to stabilize. You could end up with a Cup winning strain called Northern Crack!

Northern Lights is resin saturated with huge sticky buds. – grows well outdoors as well as outdoors. Pure Indica Strain.


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Northern Lights is an absolute must for the indoor grower! Northern Lights dominated all the awards and many wonderful strains share its heritage.

Through selective breeding we have succeeded in developing one of the most powerful plants in the world.


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Northern lights is highly adapted to indoor growing, compact, powerful, great yielding plant and she has exceptional resin production. When she’s covered in snowy, amber and milky crystals of resin, Northern Lights is ready to harvest.

Yield 1250 g/m2

Harvest 43 Days Indoors

Outdoors Mid September

Sweet Taste

Med-Low Odor

Easy to grow and clone. Great for New Growers.

THC is very high 32.22%

CBD is very low

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Cup Winner


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