African Sativa


African Sativa is an original pure 100% African sativa strain. She’s a medium tall plant with a sweet and spicey sativa taste. Long sticky buds and produces an active energetic high, an immense cerebral buzz that is very easy to handle and enjoy.

This plant has long buds with large crystals of resin and a low leave to flower ratio. Smoking a Sativa Strain is nothing like an Indica.

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Sativas are the opposite of indicas. Tall and thin marijuana plants with much narrower and more numerous points per leaf and she grows a lighter green in color. Sativas plants are originally from Africa, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Thailand and Colombia. Flowering times are longer with Sativa’s, which is why you have probably never smoked one before as it is more costly to produce, therefore less profits for commercial growers. If you just want to grow personal marijuana, then a 100% sativa is a must try. you’ll be amazed at the quality of the high, it’s like smoking top shelf buds that are not affordable for everyday use. The good news is its very afordable if you grow your own.

Sativa Strains gives a clear, up, cerebral high where and Indica produces a ‘stonier’ more physical body stone which makes you a couch potatoe with munchies. Sativa’s are great for cleaning your house or make tedious jobs more fun to complete.

Flowering: 59 days (10 hour light cycle during flowering, you minus up to 6 days)

Height: 250-310cm outdoor / 135cm indoor

Yield: 600-900g outdoor / 300g indoor

Outdoors Harvest December 1st

African genetics are more rare and have exotic tastes and smells. Her effects are mesmerising and energentic.

To minimize her height, don’t let pure sativa’s vegetate for too long, only allow 2 weeks for her vegetation cycle to keep her height in control if you’re growing indoors. Her height can easily get out of control because she takes 11 weeks to flower. We recommend 10 hours of light and 14 hours of darkness to reduce her flowering time by up to 2 weeks.

You’ll need to live somewhere warm with no frost in December if you wish to grow her outdoors. She does well in tropical climates as well as dry places like Spain, Australia and Southern California.

African strains produce the best soaring high’s, and this is a must try for Indica smokers.

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