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    Ice Bud is a sophisticated mix of a very resignious Afghani and heavy producing 100% Indica Norther Lights. It’s a classic strain with really high THC content that covers even the larger leaves with white crystals. It’s in the same White Strains category as White Widow as far as potency and aethetics goes. Its flowers are intensely covered with white crystals. Ice is excellent for Indoor hydroponic growing. The smoke is sweet and the stone very heavy.

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    Ice is an excellent commercial strain due to the fact it remains short, buds are big and dense. The stone is very potent, just one hit will have you wondering if you will need any more. This strain is best smoked in a pipe, as even a small pinner (joint) can be too much for four people to finish. If using a pipe, take just one smoke toke and wait. When you feel like you can handle a little bit more, about 20-30 minutes take, take just on more hit. Using this method, you get a nive powerful yet enjoyable high for 3 hours with just 5-6 small tokes.

    Your stash will last a very long time because you don;t use very much quantity, and the yield you get from just one plant can give a couple over a one year supply before you go dry.

    Yields 900 g/m2
    Great for Hydro SOG (sea of greeen) Large huge single massive cola.
    Harvest in just 42 days Indoors.
    September Outdoors.
    Nice smooth sweet flavor due to the unique Norther Lights 100% Indica in Ice’s genetic pool. (Hide’s the very hard on lungs heavy smoke from the Afghani)

    Must grow for any serious smoker.

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