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Jack Herrer won so many cups, her heritage was kept secret for decades. For those that wanted to know where she really come from, she is a multiple hybrid of our best dutch genetics. She’s got all three inside her, Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze.

Jack Herrer delivers an instant rush, a trippy strong up-lifting buzz that is often too much for even the experienced to handle. Her haze genetics are very cerebral and it overwhelms most. So please be very careful, this isn’t the schwag your parents used to smoke.

The purpose we had behind breeding Jack Herer was to make a Sativa strain that could grow and flower with the THC Crystal production of an indica. And what you get is a Sativa like high when smoked in moderation. Smoke just a bit too much, and she’ll turn into a different monster altogether!


Jack Herrer produces so much resin even the branches glisten with glands. She has a very unique and refreshing flavor.

I’ll never forget the first time I tried this strain, I was very impressed and back then I had already smoked hundreds of very different strains. The buzz was instant, and flashy. Vertical lines broke up the images in front of my eyes into about 6 sections and vibrated wildly sideways. This only occured the first time I tasted Jack Herer. I also was very hungry with low blood sugar levels. The next time I smoked her, I was clear headed and filled with creative thoughts and felt a sense of well-being. I only had 2-3 puffs from the joint being passed around. When I attempted her the third time, I was in for a ride. I smoked a small joint by myself, and the experience was very cerebral and mind trippy. It was like what I had consumed wasn’t cannabis, but new new futuristic drug that launches you through the atmosphere and you left your sense of reality back on Earth. Tip: Only take a smoke puff your first time to see how you react to this weed. It’s best used in moderation for the most desirable results.

WARNING: For younger people, I do not recommend drinking with this strain as the flashes could make your stomach weak. But this strain is great on it’s own for a very wild time.

Plant height: Medium

Stone is mostly clear and uplifting, an extra puff makes her more trippy and racey

THC level: 26.5%

Flowering Indoors 10 weeks

Outdoors 65 Days

Yield : 700 g/m2

Harvest Month is October

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