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Big Bud is so popular because she makes everyone tons of money. She’s the best solution for anyone worried about profit margins.

The commercial warehouse hydro growers love her because she is very stable and easy to grow. She grows and flowers fast, so be sure to change her lighting into a flowering cycle just after she reaches 1 foot in hight. She is forgiving to grow if you screw up her nutrients, which is nice for newbie growers. She grows up strong and resistant, without any problems from mold or pests. She trims up nicely with very high cured yields. No need to keep her extra moist when sold, she’ll earn you profits fully cured to a low humidity level.




Big Bud is very famous on the West Coast of America. Often called BC Big Bud or California Big Bud, she’s a favorite “cash cropper” production weed with good reason. In the Netherlands we just call her Big Bud.

Big Bud’s name says it all, she’s big, really big, both in yield and nugs, not height. She’s 85% indica, 15% sativa, which is a pefect blend of genetics for quality of buzz, short growing heights and yields.

Big Bud was first created by BC Seeds back in the mid 1990’s. She first started out as a pure landrace strain brought back from the mountains of Pakistan and bred on Vancouver Island. Before showing up a bit South in California, BC Seeds bred 15% Sativa into her because of complaints about her musty taste when grown using hydro. The Sativa was bred only for flavors, her height was kept low and her height stability was keep uniform.  This was very tricky and it took a few years. California breeders took over in 1999 but didn’t change her name or her genetics. Why would they mess with a master piece? they knew to keep her just the way she was, because she became so unstable when cross bred, people would know she wasn’t a true Big Bud strain.

Big Bud is loved by the dispensaries because they can buy her in bulk quantities at lower prices, and provide medical patients a budget friendly medical strain that treats a wide variety of medical conditions. She has the highest turnover of any strain and her genetics have been more perfected than any other strain.

Thanks to her Sativa genetics, she has a wonderful taste considering she’s usually grown in a hydro set up. Her potency and can hold her own against some of the strongest strains on Earth. She is the best well rounded strain we could recommend. She grows very big, very fast with light green leaves, frosty THC covered buds which also cover her long redish-orange hairs.

Grows both indoors or outdoors.

Tastes Sweet like Sugar and Grapes

Smells dank, sweet and earthy with sour milk undertone

1200 g/m2

Don’t veg this too long, start before she’s 14 inchs in height. These girls are  fast growers and can handle 24 hour light cycles for the vegetation stage with creating any stress.

Flowering is only 42-43 days with a hydro setup.

She has a mellow buzz when you smoke just a little, but her pain killing effects are potent. That’s what makes this strain so nice. You can just get a bit high, feeling a bit mellow and all your aches and pains fully disappear. No need to go over kill and get too stoned. If you do smoke too much of this strain, then you will lose concentration and have short-term memory loss.

She’ll keep you high for about 2 hours on a small dose. 3-4 hours if you smoke more.

Her medical uses are far and few between. She can do it all, from pain managment, nausea, stomach aches, head aches or even as a sleeping aid.



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