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    Afghani is the most potent narcotic Indica variety in the world. It has extremely broad, dark green leaves and when she’s finished flowering, she’s covered in tons of thick orange hairs and dark amber trichomes.

    She has a compact growth pattern, dense internodes and abundant resin. She has a very earthy smell and when inhaled, she’s heavy on the lungs. Her smoke is like a thick blanket, which you won’t need much of to accomplish your stupefying stone. Her flavour is that of mango and tangerines with earthy smells and that of a damp basement.

    Another multiple cup winner, she’s an essential variety for collectors, connoisseurs and breeders.

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    Because of her strong body high, she’s best smoked in the evenings, unless you have a desk job. Afghani is an intersting strain because she a heavy body stone leaving you feeling lethargic and very relaxed, but she’ll also energize all the other parts of your brain except the cerebral, to get you riding on an energy wave of creativity.

    She’ll always be there for you when you get home after a stressful day at work, and allows you to relax on the couch with a burst of brainy cleverness to play complicated video’s and succeed.

    She’s known for her body stone and effective pain killing effects, soem select few people do manage to smoke her in the mornings as a “wake ‘n bake” to get their day started. They also manage to smoke her throughout the day at work. These are usually very old school hippies that have been smoking her for decades and they are immune to her lethargic effects. If your not intimate with her, I would instead recommend a more sativa dominate strain with energizing effects to smoke throughout the day.

    You’ll find that Afghani is the goto strain for those of you that are into making concentrates and honey oil. Afghani particularily turns very sweet and honey like when cooked into hash oil.

    Flowering Time: Indoor 45 days
    Approx Yield: Up to 800 grams
    Height: 2.5-3 feet

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