Blue Kush

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Blue Kush is a mostly Indica strain which grows into short bushy plants with deep red, purple and finally blue hues, that can cure to a lavender blue. A lovely and very pungent and fruity flavor that is quite enjoyable to smoke. She has undertones of sour dough and Kerosene, just very slightly, but these are desirable characteristics us breeders try to bring out in our Blue Kush, just ever so slightly. She also taste like fresh blueberries form the forest with lots of sugar added on top.

Blue Kush is short, dense and bushy. The buds are dense, big and hard. Thick dark leaves. The buzz can leave you so stoned you will lose track of time and find it difficult to speak.


Blue Kush is easy to grow and very forgiving to new growers. He buzz is heavy and narcotic with time distortion , making time feel much slower than reality. Because of her high THC she is not advised for first time smokers. Her buzz is very intense until you acquire a tolerance to this strain, even very Experienced Dutch smokers can be lost for words and completely zoned out smoking this strain.

Outdoors you can get a kilo + from a single plant. Does well in high altitudes, and finished Indoors in just 42-45 Days and Outdoors Mid September. Her THC is 28.53%

Great for any ailment like pain management. She’s great for a good night sleep and a great appetite inducer. She’ll give you the munchies like nothing else. Not such a great strain for those watching their waist line. We suggest you eat then blaze, this will drastically reduce your munchies. It really works! Give her a try.

THC is 38.53%

Yields Indoors 920 grams/squared meter

Yields Outdoors is up to a Kilogram per plant

Flowers Indoors 42-45 Days

Flowers Outdoors Early September

Genetics 98% Indica / 2% Sativa

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  1. Robert Brown

    first orange then deep dark blue hues near the end of flowering, i had fun watching her leaves change colors so dramatically in a short time.

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