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    Lavendar Bud

    Normally Lavendar would have a very short vegetation cycle grown indoors because from other breeder’s it can get quite tall with long internodes (stretching between stem and buds) but of course our Dutch Breeders tightened up these internodes and fattened up the buds so you get the same flavor, buzz and exotic genetics with 4 times the weight at harvest.



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    Lavendar was created using a new asian strain that was dangerous to smuggle out of Cambodia. She was crossed with a fruity exotic Hawaiian Father and even a hint of G13 that has been growing in the most amazing Hawaiian soil for the past 14 years. Just a final touch of Humbolt Orange west coast gentics.

    Our unique lavendar strain can only be found here. She has the world’s most famous Relaxed high. Not too over powerful and paranoid or trippy, she is a smooth clean high that is best described as simply relaxed. A great bud to smoke when you just chill after work, but if something comes up and you need to be active, you’ll have no problems doing it. She’s relaxed with energy in reserve. Great bud to meditate, to listen to tunes, to do almost anything, Lavender Bud makes all activities better. She’ll leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed after you come down gently. make sure you have plenty of fluids around, she’s know to give you cotton mouth (Dry Mouth)

    Harvest her in mid-late September, her THC levels are 33.96% and her CBD Levels are also off the charts at 8.28%.

    She smells like her name suggests, like a bouquet of lavendar flowers but also with a hint of spice.

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