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AK 47 cannabis strain isn’t anything terrible as its name may suggest. Pot smoking hippies are against guns and violence, but the name has a few different stories bringing it to life. The AK 47 is a rifle that is known to be reliable, it fires after getting wet walking through rivers, getting filled with sand from the dessert,  or dropped in the snow, it doesn’t easily jam, and it’s easy to use. AK 47 bud is also easy to grow and very reliable. She grows in hot/cold/dry/humid conditions outdoors, like the dry desserts or the flooding plains of Africa, and she can fend off rodents and insects. Most importantly of all, she will always get you high from a single hit, everytime. Just like the riffle, it takes down it target with a single hit. That’s how this strain got its name even before the war in Afghanistan. Troop today are know to use their unloaded AK-47 as a type of bong or pipe, inhaling one hit from the end of the riffle.

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She is a multiple cup winner, winning more cups than any other strain in history. She is such an amazing strain, she wins both the Indica and Sativa cup’s even though she’s a Sativa dominant hybrid (60%/40%) that is an example of the best balanced high for head and body stone.

AK 47 is strong, but in pleasant ways. She makes you relaxed and mellow, but it is extremely potent and not as fun to enjoy if you inhale more than one toke. At our low price, it’s the best mind bang for the buck. It contains such high amounts of THC, you’re stash is guaranteed to last a very long time. Best smoked as a “one hitter” you may not want to roll this strain in joints unless you’re sharing with a large group.

Smoking AK-47 buds will envoke creativity at a very high level.  Sometimes crossing the lines of creative reality into trippy mind bang during it’s peak, but relax, let the peak pass, and see how focused you can get on creative endevours. The peak mind band occurs about ten minutes after you’re single hit.

New tokers be very careful, too much and you’ll end up glued to the couch and tripping out in a bad way. This is not good for young teenagers whose minds are not yet fully developed.

Medium flavor. Fast Flowering. She’ll finish flowering in only 45 days grown in a hydro setup. 55 days if grown in soil.

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1 review for AK 47

  1. Jeff

    AK 47

    She lives up to her name, just one hit, don’t make the mistake of taking 3 like I did my second time smoking this strain.

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